"I find the term ‘guilty pleasure’ not only idiotic but a bit offensive. I love some corny-ass stuff, and I’ve got no problem with it."

Fangirl challenge | [1/10] families

"To be honest [drumming] just came natural to me. I never had any lessons. I had some drumsticks and a book and I taught myself from it. - Matt Helders

"All the songs I really enjoy playing, they all have been written by these people. And I thought well I could write songs,something I really love doing. Help people in the process or make them feel good about themselves or to bring out their emotions, that just sounds like the best job in the world for me”

I went to his tiny little comic shop in my hometown of Sheffield - a small city in northern England - and found this man who… had this comic shop for years and its’ filled with every Marvel comic. I was in there for a while, looking through. He was so excited to show me. I read a bunch of them.

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What’s wrong with a little chaos?

Get to know me meme | [2/2] Musicians / Bands Jake Bugg